The Set-Up
- You’re on a planet. We’ll work out the details on that during character creation.
- Forces of the Galactic Republic (clonetroopers led by Jedi, and maybe some locals) are fighting Trade Federation and Separatist forces (droids, maybe Sith or other powerful agents, and maybe some locals).
- Republic Senate Chancellor Palpatine issues Order 66 to all deployed clonetroopers.
- Things get awkward real fast.

The Galactic Republic
The Grand Army of the Republic!
All about clonetroopers
The Jedi
The Trade Federation? Wha-?
Separatists? guh-Wha-?!
oh, and about that droid army…
The Sith
The Galactic Senate
Order 66

1 or more Jedi (human or alien)
1 or more clonetroopers (they’re all human)
Anything else!
You could be a droid, a human, an alien (an existing SW alien species or one you make up!)
You could be a smuggler, a wanted criminal, a crime lord, a mercenary, a procurer of rare antiquities, a street urchin, a farm boy, a princess, a spy, a pirate, a village elder, a diplomat…. Any background or line-of-work you can make Star Wars-y (read: pulpy, fun, exciting, dramatic, and “faster – more intense”).

Thus far we have a smuggler and his more-talented partner,a recently ex-Jedi Wookie and his loyal clonetrooper sidekick, a laid-back clonetrooper and his AT-TE, and a representative of an anti-AI “church”.

the mighty AT-TE
Pick an alien, any alien…
Droids, droids, and more droids!
faster – more intense

You’ll need a reason to be on the planet as the game begins, but we’ll be defining the planet some during character creation to suit the various character ideas. I think it will be a planet with a wide arctic zone, i.e. an “ice planet”. Brrr.

You will need reasons to stick together, although one of those reasons will be that, given the nature of the situation, many or all of you will be wanted criminals, either for being Jedi, for not killing Jedi when ordered, for harboring and aiding Jedi, or some combination of these. And maybe other reasons! Character creation will flesh this sort of thing out very nicely.

We won’t be using any established characters, except maybe as NPCs later in the game. I’m not a continuity nut.

The newly-proclaimed Emperor Palpatine will be agressively and ruthlessly consolidating and expanding his power as he expands the scope and control of the new Galactic Empire.

The Jedi Order, long the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy, betrayed the Republic and sought to wrest power for themselves from the former Republic’s Senate, going so far as to make an attempt on the then-Chancellor’s life. Their treachery was widespread and deeply-rooted, requiring their extermination elimination as enemies of the Republic. The Jedi Order is no more. The Jedi temple is being repurposed.

Citizens are encouraged to report any possible Jedi survivors to local Imperial authorities.

Darth Vader, formerly reknowned hero of the Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker, is the only Jedi who remained faithful to then-Chancellor Palpatine and the good citizens of the Republic. Darth Vader sustained grave injuries risking his life to defend the Emperor from Jedi assassins, eliminating Jedi opposition forces at the Jedi Temple, and single-handedly ending the Clone Wars with an attack on forces gathered at a meeting of the full Separatist Council. He now functions as the Emperor’s right hand and enforcer.

We’ll be using the Smallville rpg, from Margaret Weis Productions. In this system, characters are defined as much by the ideas and people they feel strongly about as they are by their skills, equipment, and special abilities. It’s a good system for putting smugglers, farmboys, princesses, and droids on the same dramatic footing as Jedi. I will not be tailoring the entire rules-set to the Star wars setting, so we will have to fudge things here and there as we go. I have a few tweaks set up, though.

Character creation will take a full session. If you expect to play regularly, please be there. During this session we will be drawing up a big “relationship map” which will help us create and understand the characters and what motivates them. This in turn provides the GM (me!) with a roadmap for events and drama!

And now for some distracting yet possibly-inspirational videos:
clonetroopers is awrsum!
Chancellor Palpatine issues Order 66

Star Wars: 66 and Counting...